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JazzTeam is an Agile Java Development Company (software development company) working in both outsourcing and own product development areas, blog of founder is We officially registered in Belarus, Minsk area. Currently have 2 divisions - in Minsk and Soligorsk. There are representatives of company in Ukraine, Holland and Germany.

Our main technological focus is Java technology (J2SE, J2EE, Androind), simply saing we do only Java development. As management and collaborative approach we use Agile/Scrum techniques adopting it for every day use in our company. More on expertise could be found from a CV of founder and CEO of company Dzmitry Harachka. We use XP (unit test, code reviews, pair programming, show and tell), Continuous Integration, mind maps and brain storms. We strongly believe in talents, self-education and self-development of our employees. JazzTeam does only projects which have interest for us, so we do not do small/quick things to be done the day before today.

We provide the following services:

  + product development
  + consulting (agile, scrum, unit testing, open source consultancy)
  + (audit, management of other software development companies running projects of different customers)
  + mobile teams (ramp up of startup and other projects)
  + open source development (including customization of top open source projects)
  + trainings and IT (java) educational services (unit testing, agile, XP, Java, including own program called Java Brains Reloading, and perfomance and thinking style improvement trainings)
  + also we act as integrator of different open source and proprietary solutions (Alfresco, Jive, Runa etc)
  + outsourcing (travel and telecom industry, Android, J2EE, SOA, CMS etc). We have the following divisions here:
      Test Automation
      Android Development
  + other development services
      project refactoring
      projects support and bug fixing
  + sometimes we act as HR agency
  + social activities and cooperation possibilities include:
      Belarus Open Source Lab
      First Belarus Regional Conference    
      Soligorsk Open Development Lections

From cooperational point of view we are interested to take part in complicated, outstanding projects where we are able to provide best of we could do.

Please send all questions, proposals and enquiries to zmicer.harachka (at) or skype me by dzmitry_harachka id.

You are welcome!