Google Apps Script

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  • cloud based scripting language for light-weight application development in the Google Apps platform
  • it gets executed in the Google Cloud
  • Google Apps Script essentially provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services
  • Based on JavaScript-like syntax
  • Under the hood, Google Apps Script uses the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to create and display user interface elements
  • Cloud based debugger for debugging App Scripts in the web browser

Studying basics

  • good editor, debugger
  • links to excel
  • have triggers
  • could be published as a service
  • access to some functionality of google apps needs to be approved. Approve only for "good" scripts.
  • very easy thing to do
  • every documents could have scripts linked, and also there is script editor and script galery where it is possible to find lots of variants of usage of scripts
  • ctrl + space works here