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Java knowledge

J2EE Java 7 GC

Java studying

Tasks on java

Java Docs

Java Unit Testing

Java Testing

Jazz Team Bad Code

Java Generics


Educational course created by Zmicer Java Brains Reloading

Global stage of Java engineer development

language philosofy
team work
approaches to make java life easier and more productive
xml and java
creating patterns/frameworks
existed frameworks approaches and techniques study
motivation to work
base schemes/approaches to create types of applications you are interested in
choose directions
understand what you need from java world (get a real world task and do it)
	be developer for a company
	create outstanding framework

Great books to study


Core Web Programming, Second Edition > Source Code Archive

ПРАКТИЧЕСКОЕ РУКОВОДСТВО ПО ИЗУЧЕНИЮ JAVA Авторы: Блинов И.Н., Романчик В.С., also available here

Программирование на Java Методическое руководство для преподавателей


Useful articles

Working with resources

Java getting started

How to write unmaintainable code

Classpath details

Java Cheat Sheet

Interesting articles

Great sites

Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems

Algo Books

Greatest Canadian Mind Products Java Glossary Free good tutorials on modern J2EE technologies